Jun 3, 2010


On June 1st the stores at the Pickering Go Station were closed due to construction and won't open again for some months.

One major problem is that the store that sold all Durham Region Transit passes and tickets has closed and now DRT has advised that the only places to buy passes and tickets for riders using the GO Station is at the Pickering City Hall, on Glenanna north of the 401 or at the Pickering Recreation Complex which is also north of the 401 on Valley Farm Road.

Customers who come into Pickering on the GO Trains or Buses will now have to make a special trip to one of the 3 locations above to purchase fare media. This will no doubt cause some angry complaints from customers who wonder why something cannot be set up at the Go Station even if only for a few hours per day. Not only will some of these passengers have to make the extra trip but they will have to pay full fare to do so for one of the trips that won't originate at the Go Station.

The City Hall is only open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. but the other locations are open 7 days per week and the Recreation Centre has the longest hours. Surely DRT could come up with some way to sell tickets and passes at the GO Station if only on a part time basis.


TomW said...

Here's a shocking idea: let go Transit staff sell them.

Andy said...

TomW... Things like that do not happen unless there is some kind of monetary compensation or government order.

TomW said...

Comepensation for what? How does it cost GO Transit extra money?
GO Transit stations should always sell all fare media for the local transit system.

Andy said...

You are right Tom. I would say customer service has is not a priority in Pickering.

Doug Mirams said...

I would just like to correct the information above by saying that transit tickets are not available for sale from the Pickering Central Library. Tickets are available from the Pickering City Hall and the Pickering Recreation Complex, but not from the Library.

Doug Mirams
Coordinator of Virtual Services
Pickering Public Library

Andy said...

Thanks Doug, for the correction on the purchase of tickets.

electrostar377 said...

The renovations down at Pickering GO station has since been finished. The Pickering GO station currently sells DRT media in the form of Adult, Co-fare and Student tickets & monthly passes.

I made a mention about the Pickering GO station, which can be founded here: http://electrostar377.livejournal.com/57511.html