Feb 5, 2010

Ajax doesn't owe the Region a penny more

To the editor:

It was just a matter of time before jolly Roger Anderson gathered his regular benefactors at Durham Region to see if they could pull off a heist on our casino.

We already donated a perfectly good bus service plus ancillary buildings to the Region. They have now returned rattling their tin cups.

Here's a suggestion for our regional councillors and all the other folks in Durham who have already had a chance to agree on this - Mr. Anderson and friends must re-visit officially the question of an elected Regional chairman, plus fair representation for Ajax, and maybe Ajax council might review the situation. I also note that some of our regional folks want a more stringent check of prospective councillors in case they have broken any laws. That makes even more sense to have a chairman elected at large. He or she can then be equally interrogated.

Personally I think the members of council who are looking for a handout should take care that Ajax does not make a charge to them for all the extra tourists/visitors we attract to our little goldmine on the lake. Stick to your guns Steve, not a penny more.

John Haste


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