Jan 28, 2010

Counterfeit fare? New gadget plays gotcha

The TTC has begun testing a new fare box system expected to eliminate counterfeit Metropasses and tokens.

The device has been mounted on only one bus so far – on the 31 Greenwood route. Another pilot will begin on the Pape bus next month.

The hope is to roll out the $5.3 million system across the entire TTC by the end of 2011.

1. The rider swipes a Metropass through the reader, which detects the magnetic strip and provides information on a readout for the driver on what kind of pass (student, regular, etc.) is being used.

2. The rider drops a token into a slot. Like those at subway stations, the machine is calibrated to read security features built into the token. If it isn't authentic, the machine will spit it back out.

3. If the fare isn't authentic, the driver has discretion to ask for cash, or radio for a supervisor to be dispatched to the location, with the possibility of calling police.

Counterfeit fare? New gadget plays gotcha - thestar.com.

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