Dec 24, 2009

Restored PCC

See more photos at Buck Tracks,


Buck said...

Thanks for posting my photo Andy. Are you starting up your transit blog again? If so, I will put the link back up on my blog.

Andy said...

Buck... You always have great photos on your blog. The postings on my blog are now at irregular intervals. I am not doing personal comments. I have become frustrated with transit in the GTA. It is lagging about 20 years behind. As usual the city of Toronto is taking the cheap route of not building subways. Instead they have chosen to expand LRT routing instead. Go transit is not trying to fix the major delays on the rail lines. Instead we see the money going into more parking or other renovations.

TomW said...

With the exception of parts of Eglinton, the LRT lines are all forecast to have insufficient demand to justify expensive subways. LRT is is *better* because it is cheaper, and also provides sufficicent capacity.

Andy said...

TomW... Let's wait and see. I predict, the budget on the Sheppard LRT will over run big time. One only has to look at the Scarborough Rapid Transit. To make it work money has been pumped into that route well after it was supposed to have been completed.

"Turkey" is the word that former TTC general manager Al Savage used to describe the Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) line. The Scarborough RT line is in need of a major overhaul. In fact the wrong system has been installed from day one. Extending the Bloor Danforth subway would have been the correct choice. Can you believe, that Go transit wanted to put the same system instead of Go Trains east of Pickering.

Appointed politicians run the TTC for us. Once they are removed and replaced with knowledgeable transit people only then, will we start to get a bang for our buck.

TomW said...

The SRT was a one-off untried technology that was selected for poltical reasons and was/is specific to one manufacturer. I agree with you completely that it was the wrong choice.

However, LRT is a generic, widely-used technology. It will bring rapid transit to areas that could never jusitfy subways, and that's the most important fact.