Dec 2, 2009

Green License Plates in Ontario

Ontario has a plan that, by 2020, 1 of every 20 cars on the road should be an electric vehicle. To encourage drives to adopt hybrids and electric vehicles, a new license plate is being offered for green vehicles.

Vehicles bearing the new plates will be eligible for a number of special perks, including use of recharging stations and special parking spaces. But the most compelling benefit the new plates will offer is allowing vehicles to use carpool lanes, even if there's just one person in the vehicle. The carpool lane benefit extends until 2015.

In the past, when other municipalities and government agencies have allowed benefits like this, the value of the perk has sometimes been as much as several thousand dollars on vehicle resales. This is another way to encourage matters in order to reach a goal like 5% hybrid or electric vehicles in little more than a decade.

Green License Plates in Ontario Come with Priviledges.

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