Nov 25, 2009

Transit improvements eyed for Uxbridge

Public transit use in north Durham has been an incredible success since its launch, and the buses connecting northern residents to the rest of the region are running at full capacity, Uxbridge councillors heard Monday evening.

While presenting an update on Durham Region Transit's long-term transit strategy, Phil Meagher told Uxbridge's civic leaders the current service is certainly being utilized by residents looking to travel across the region.

"It's at capacity, it's one of the most successful launches we've had and it's been very successful," said Mr. Meagher, Durham transit's deputy general manager of operations.

The 950 route has two buses daily which run at capacity, connecting Scugog and Uxbridge residents to Durham College and UOIT, he explained.

"We're running at capacity through the whole day," said Mr. Meagher. "It's pretty steady ... throughout the day, it's being used."

And, in about 20 years time, Uxbridge residents can look forward to further transit improvements, added Mr. Meagher.

According to the DRT deputy general manager, the regional transit provider is eyeing an extension of the Lincolnville GO Train route to Uxbridge, and more GO Bus service and increased connections to areas such as Port Perry and Stouffville.

Cycling facilities are also proposed in the transit strategy plan, which is looking to 2031 and beyond.

In the south end of Durham, transit officials are looking towards introducing rapid transit in the lakeshore communities.

"A lot of activity will take place in the south, but there will be a lot of improvements and changes for Brock, Uxbridge and Scugog," said Mr. Meagher.

When quizzed by councillors about the potential cost for all the upgrades, the deputy general manager replied the transit authority plans to seek funding from the Province and federal government once the study is complete.

He also noted there is no firm time frame to bring GO Train service to Uxbridge, stressing the plan is looking beyond 2031.

It's expected a draft copy of the transit study will be presented to Regional council in December, with a final report due on Feb. 15, said Mr. Meagher.

The document will be completed by March, he added. | Transit improvements eyed for Uxbridge.


Anonymous said...

Why are we waiting until 2031? There needs to be additional service on this route now! Especially with UOIT or DC classes running until 6 pm, there is no bus between 5:30 pm and 8 pm!

Andy said...

UOIT and Durham College are like magnets to public transit. It's a life line for a large number of students to get too and from school. It good business for Durham Region Transit.