Jun 17, 2009

How to alter a DRT bus route

I am going to tell you a secret on how to prevent a bus route from operating on your street. I hope Sandra Cassidy is paying attention.

Thanks to the Town Of Ajax, Durham Region Transit has permanently change the 240 Applecroft Monday to Friday AM PM, 240B Applecroft Monday to Saturday Midday and 282 Applecroft/Nottingham Monday to Saturday Evening,  Sunday and Holiday routing. Instead of the bus operating over Old Harwood Avenue and Fishlock Street it has been altered to travel directly south on Hardwood Avenue North. The reason being that the town has installed speed humps and traffic calming on the above mentioned roadways. Buses do not mix well with them.

The Monday June 15, 2009 8:20 a.m. Applecroft was the last bus to travel on the old route. The new routing began on the same date with the 9:05 a.m. midday cycle.  Thanks to the Town Of Ajax they have forced DRT to alter the route. Speed humps (bumps) play hell with the bus and passengers. It’s easy for passengers and the bus driver to receive injuries when passing over the humps.

It may be an incontinence to the people that now have to walk an extra distance to get the bus, but it is a win fall for DRT. First of all it forced the route onto more of a grid system. It has made the route 4,364 metres shorter and that is for one only one cycle. Do the math over a week, month or year and it adds up to savings for DRT.

So how did this all come about? It started on March 14, 2008, when the town staff mailed out a Traffic Calming Survey to all the property owners with frontage on Old Harwood Avenue and Fishlock Street. Residential support indicated the willingness of the resident’s to support this initiative. The project was done in consultation with Operations and Environmental Services, Fire & Emergency Services, Durham Region Transit and Planning and Development staff. After months of work the Town Of Ajax Council finalized the plan at a cost of $36,900. I am assuming that no one informed the residents that they would lose their bus route.

It’s interesting to note that all this started about the same time that a neighbourhood fight was going on about removing bus service around the Hoile Audley Road South loop.

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Joanne said...

Although it will be a huge inconvenience for regular passengers, it has helped. The volume of traffic has calmed down. With 3 schools in the area (Mother Teresa, Bondar, Terry Fox on Kerrison), and the vehicles travelling faster up and down Old Harwood, including DRT, something had to be done. Of course we still have the problem of no one stopping at the 4 way stop! It was only a matter of time before someone would be hurt. My fear is it could be a child. I supported it and continue to support it. What is the price of a life compared to the convenience of transit?

TomW said...

If mroe people took transit, then there wouldn't be any need for road alterations designed to divert cars onto other routes. Increased convenience of transit means increased riderhip, and fewer cars on the road.