Jun 24, 2009

Burning gas tax money

The spending of gas tax funds is a matter of concern for Durham Region residents.

To the editor:

I, like many of my fellow constituents, took the day off without pay Tuesday to present my opinions and concerns on the proposed Durham-York incinerator.

I was very disappointed by the absence of my regional councillor Don Mitchell as well as the behaviour of many of the regional councillors. At one point, Chairman Roger Anderson had to request only one councillor leave the room at a time as groups of councilors were congregating outside during delegations. I even captured a photo of Pickering Councillor Rick Johnson fast asleep during delegations from the public. Others were on BlackBerrys or openly having discussions with their neighbours.

I issued a challenge to regional council members. Before voting on this project, where 100 per cent of the federal gas tax is pledged, I would like them to ride Durham Region Transit for an entire week. They will soon see the inadequacies residents who depend on that system deal with daily. Even at peak times, no bus passes my home more than two times an hour.

Please note the DRT is the only GTA transit system that does not link with the TTC. That means only Durham residents are ineligible for the GTA pass system. Unless you work right downtown by Union station, you are basically obligated to drive to work.

I am a user of this system. The Ontario Human Rights Code is clear about the obligation to provide dignified affordable and accessible service for the elderly, young families and the disabled among others. I can also tell you there is nothing dignified about hiding in a bus shelter at the Whitby GO station for nearly an hour in the middle of the night because Durham buses have stopped long before the train. Once my cab arrives I then pay upwards of $20 to get home. That is in no way affordable to me.

Rebecca Harrison


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TomW said...

Damn straight. When I moved here, I couldn't belive the last bus was at 7pm. The annoying thing is that the service DRT does provide is of a high quality, and if they had the funding to run extra routes (such as a grid-based system) and extra services (later/more buses), then I'm sure they would get peopel out of their cars.