May 21, 2009

Discount Pass Program For Employees


The City of Mississauga will be conducting a experiment of allowing their employees to purchase a monthly transit pass at half the normal price. The project will start July 1st and will run for 18 months. Transit passes will be made available for sale at half-price, of $53.50 instead of $107. The plan is part of the Smart Commute program that is in effect within the GTA.  

A similar program took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Known as the EcoPass, local transit increased ridership by an average of 45%, monthly bus pass sales by about 500%, and net revenues by 30%.

Saint John Transit, New Brunswick offers a 10% discount for companies with with more than 20 employees.

TransLink of Metro Vancouver in British Columbia gives employers of more than 25 employees up to a 15% saving on their purchase of transit passes.

Kingston, Ontario has the Transpass. Employees pay for Transpass through direct payroll deductions and will receive a discount of 10% on the monthly pass. Kingston Transit’s smart-card technology will automatically reloaded the cards when passengers scan their monthly My Cards on the fare box.

In Durham Region, the only similar discount would be the U-Pass for Durham College  UOIT. It is different from other DRT passes in that it is not interchangeable and has a photo identification on the pass.

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raneil said...

It is great to see that area municipalities are now working harder to encourage public transit. Huge commitments to new facilities, increased emphasis on coordination between area transit agencies, and encouragement for employees to switch to public transit. I am now more optimistic about the future of transit than I have ever been.