May 12, 2009

A bridge not too far

The City of Pickering has just announced the construction of a high rise office tower. The building will be located on the north side of the 401 Hwy., close to Liverpool Rd., on Pickering Pkwy. Construction will begin in July 2009. The structure will be built to LEED Silver (green) standards.

Right about now, you have to be asking yourself, “what has this got to do with transit?”

According to The City Of Pickering, Metrolinx has designated the Pickering GO station as an Anchor Mobility Hub. The City intends to make this office tower the first one in Durham, that will have a pedestrian bridge spanning the Hwy. Of Heroes (401), with direct access to the a Go Station. The piers for the pedestrian bridge were built into the Highway 401 median areas as part of the widening of the highway through Pickering in the mid 1990’s.

For the construction, Pickering has set aside $10 million in the 2009 budget.  They have also submitted an application to the Canada Infrastructure Stimulus Fund for Federal and Provincial assistance for construction. 

The Liverpool Rd. bridge is located only 155 metres towards the west of the station. Regardless of this the pedestrian bridge still has it’s advantages.  A “Kiss & Ride” could be established at the north end of the bridge, thus reducing traffic around the station. Stairs and and elevators at both ends will make it fully accessible for everyone. Cyclists will also be able to use it.

As for security the entire structure will be illuminated within and both internal and external illumination for the terminals. It will also be equipped with security video cameras and emergency phones.

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TomW said...

Wonderful! I've thought for ages there should be a pedestrian bridge over the 401, not least because it would allow easy access to the Pickering Town Centre mall. Currently, getting from the GO station to the edge mall's parking lot involevs walkign more than 1km, and crossing three roads, which has put me off going.

Another benefit to this bridge is that it will allow buses serveing Pickering north of the 401 to terminate by the predestrian bridge, rather than having to go round to the station.

Andy said...

Tom you could not terminate the Pickering north buses at the mall side of the bridge. They would still have to travel to the Go station in order to connect with the other buses. Besides not everyone would would be able to handle the walk.

TomW said...

I thought the bridge would be nicely accessible, including elevators? With the bridge in place, people using buses that terminate in the mall could easily connect to buses south of the railway.