May 4, 2009

Biking to GO

Good news for people who are able to bike to and from the local GO bus. The entire fleet of GO Buses is now equipped with bike racks. As part of its strategy to encourage cycling, GO Transit is also installing covered bicycle storage area in several stations by the end of 2009.

DRT expects to begin installing bike racks in the of summer 2009.


Anonymous said...

for the first year or so after I saw the bike racks I didn't know what they were for...they were on some new TTC buses and I thought maybe the were for natural gas (ok i am no mechanic)...they have now been around for a few years and I have yet to see a bike in the bike rack...I wondered if you have discussed this with your bus driving buddies...I support biking and transit...but this seems like a poor allocation of resources

Andy said...

I have also been wondering about the lack of use. When new bus routes start up they also have a lack of passengers traveling the bus. It takes a few years to establish routes. Maybe the same will happen with bike racks.