Apr 16, 2009

Lakeshore East Go Train Changes

Effective April 27th, 2009, the following changes are being made to the weekday Go Train schedule.

The Oshawa 07:46 - Union 08:34 will now depart Oshawa at 07:55. This train will continue to make all stops to Pickering and then operate express from Pickering to Union, and arrive Union at 08:40.

The Pickering 08:18 - Union 09:00 will now depart Pickering at 08:25 and arrive Union at 09:07

The Union 07:43 - Pickering 08:08 will now arrive Pickering at 08:15. According to Go Transit The change has been made to maintain the accuracy of schedules.

All of the above info can be found on Go Transit’s web page. I hope those in charge at Durham Region Transit are paying attention and learn some techniques about notifying customers of schedules changes. DRT has a record of publishing schedules and then have passengers try to figure out what changes were made.  In this case Go has accomplishing the desired aim of communicating with passengers.

Please visit http://www.gotransit.com/PUBLIC/en/news/whatsnew.htm for details.

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Anonymous said...

Nice opinion on the service changes, Andy. I also heard that GO is keeping the 407 service alive - to account of the three month strike down at York U.

I was reading a brief article that a survey was conducted in regards of GO transit's reputation on punctuality (all info can be viewed on my blog).

I also heard that service to Wonderland will resume this Spring and Summer. I haven't been Wonderland in recent years because of my change in lifestyle, but I would love to visit that amusement park some day.

In the past, a separate fare was charged for passengers riding from the york mills or yorkdale bus terminals to wonderland. Now, you can buy your GO fare to wonderland, no matter what destination you depart from (correct me on this).