Apr 13, 2009

GOing To Peterborough

Presently Greyhound Canada operates bus service to Peterborough. The round trip fare from Oshawa is $29.60 plus tax. All that is about to change.  GO Transit will be looking at a number of options on how to provide regular bus service to Peterborough. The service is expected to to start up in the fall of 2009. So far, there is no word on the amount of service or routing. The only thing for sure is that it will operate from the Oshawa Go Train Station. Go Transit did a study in 2006 and concluded the service would carry 125 to 275 riders per day. I don’t know if those figures are a one way count or total round trip. Looking at the low figures I can smell a red herring from the provincial and federal governments.

The Rail At Ground LevelIn the meantime, a study on the proposed Peterborough, Toronto commuter rail service has been fast tracked. A report is expected in the fall of 2009. I first posted my comments about the rail line back in February 28, 2009. At that time, the announcement made mention of a high speed rail line. That option can now be ruled out.

Issues being studied will be potential ridership, revenue, the best rail technology for the service, level of service, frequency of trains, current track conditions and the cost to build train stations. The main thing about the routing is that it will service the proposed airport in Pickering. Extending it to Peterborough will be a bonus.


TomW said...

What about the fact that Peterborough has always been adament that it only wants GO to provide a train, and not buses?
once you get beyond Oshawa, it starts to become too far to commute to Toronto. So, servcies further west forces GO to act liek a regional transit operator, rather than purely a commuter one. (Which will be a good thing)

Andy said...

TomW... I guess the people of Peterborough have train on the mind because that's what they originally had supplied by Via Rail.

Trent University is also located In Peterborough. This would be a good service for students.

Also don't forget, not only would the bus run to Peterborough, but it would also be providing service between Oshawa and Peterborough.

Not everyone wants to go to Toronto.There are still a lot people that use Go to to travel else where.