Mar 25, 2009

Transit tickets sink with the kiosk

Have you been to your local mall and noticed the empty lotto kiosk? Infoplace Ticket Centres Ltd., that operated the 177 kiosks across the country has declared bankruptcy. Not only did these booths sell lotto tickets but a number of them also sold transit tickets and passes. They have left a debt of $9.7 million.

The City Of Ottawa is one of the largest claims of $1,891,823,.40. Infoplace sold transit tickets and passes for the city. Durham Region has submitted a claim of $12,266.06. This is a small amount when compared to the City of Mississauga that has a claim of $599,006.46. The newspapers have cited higher figures but the ones I have published here are from the latest statement of claim. You view it here.

It looks like transit authorities have to be careful with their point of ticket sales. In the case of Mississauga, it appears transit did not following its own rules for collecting payment for tickets. Let's keep our fingers crossed that none of the major bus manufactures declare bankruptcy.

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David Cavlovic said...

Of course, this happened while Ottawa was in the midst of a Transit strike that also cost the city millions. Watch those fares go up-up-up!

Andy said...

David, you are right about the Ottawa Transit fares. The City has already cut back on the time limit for reduced fares in order to attract riders back.