Mar 30, 2009

New Flyer - flying high

Things are looking up for New Flyer Industries. They have just announced it earned $87.6 million profit in 2008. The majority of this increase is a result of higher production. Bus deliveries in 2008 totalled 2,164. That's up from 2007 deliveries of 2,003 units.

The next bit of good news for the company is that the Canadian Auto Workers main collective bargaining unit at the company's Winnipeg facility, have ratified a new collective agreement. It's a three year deal that extends to March 31, 2012.

New Flyer buses appears to be the choice vehicle, for public transit in Ontario. There should be no disruption to the delivery of new buses for some time to come.


David Cavlovic said...

It's nice to see Flyer providing a better bus (ANYTHING's better than Orions!), although they still have rusting problems. Also nice to see your picture of a Flyer trolley-artic (attention Toronto: look what you've missed out on!)
It seems that we in Ottawa have the largest fleet of Inveros (including possibly the last Invero to be built). We certainly have the largest fleet of Artics (all of them flyers) in North America. The main problem (amongst many) with the Artics was not Flyers' fault. City Council insisted that they be equipped with four-cylinder engines! Even though OC Transpo and Flyer warned them that would be unfeasable, City Council knew better! The result : three of the artics required rebuilds due to engine fires, and in the summer, when the A/C is on, the excellerate slower than an old geezer gettin' off the can.
I don't know why, however, the Inveros didn't sell well enough. I've heard a lot of drivers really like that bus.

Jerry said...

Interesting article with problems with OC Transpo
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Jerry said...

When I was with Eastway in Burlington, the Inveros had a lot of body problems from flexing, roof panel leaks, cracking and etc. It's a great bus to drive, and mechanically sound, but I think the all fibreglass body was causing unending problems.