Mar 1, 2009

Get ready for mid-day service change

Last Friday in the Pickering News Advertiser DRT ran a half page ad advising patrons of an upcoming schedule change.

Changes will be occurring mostly on the mid-day service. The buses as of March 9, 2009 will no longer depart the Pickering Go at 55 minutes past the hour. That time will be set back 5 minutes to a departure time of on the hour. The 101B Industrial has slightly different schedule. Presently it departs the Go at 57 minutes past the hour. This has been changed to 1 minute past the hour.

The departures from the Pickering Town Centre (PTC) have been set back 5 minutes. The buses will now depart at 30 minutes past the hour rather than the present 25 minutes past the hour. The 165 Bay Ridges - West Shore from the Town Centre will now enter the Go Station rather than bypass it on the way to Krosno Blvd. There are always calls to the 1/2 hour 915 Taunton from the 165 re transfers. These people now have a 25 minute wait. It is also interesting that the 165 now goes into the train station but has no additional time to do so.
The mid-day buses at the Ajax Go Station also have a change in departure times. Rather a 55 minute past the hour departure time look for a 5 minute past the hour. Also at the Ajax Plaza transit hub, buses will depart at 35 minutes past the hour rather than the present 23 minutes past the hour. 

This change is a departure from the past policy of connecting passengers with the westbound train to Toronto. Now more emphasis is placed on connecting with the trains arriving at the Go Stations. If you are expecting to board a train you will have to catch an earlier bus and spend more time waiting at the station. The 235B mid-day gets into the station at 2 minutes after the hour and since it runs hourly the wait for a train will be almost an hour. 

The links for the new DRT schedules can be found here... Ajax Schedule and Pickering Schedule. Just remember they do not come into effect until March 9, 2009. It will be interesting to see if DRT will offer an explanation as to why a schedule change was needed. There never really was much of a problem with train connections in Pickering. Two buses always cleared the station of late arrivals at 15 minutes past the hour. These buses were able to take the passengers to the PTC for connections on other routes.

I don't see how these schedules enhance the service. From my first impressions I think some people should be asking for property tax rebate. PS: There are also a few other changes and I will let you have some fun finding them or maybe this time DRT will publish hints to help you out.

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