Mar 27, 2009

Go Trains need better and reliable service

The following letter appeared at It has been a frustrating winter for Go Train passengers.

To the editor:

I have been relying on this service for the past nine years as I work in the financial district in the city and reside in Whitby. Where to begin? The service is outrageous. A monthly pass costs $224 for a service that most often, from early November to the beginning of April, can guarantee you a late arrival to work almost three times weekly and most certainly cancelled and delayed service home in the evenings, almost every evening. There are numerous reasons given for the poor or lacklustre service such as switch problems, mechanical issues, door problems, medical emergencies and fatalities.

The service has been significantly worse in the last two to three years. The frustration is incredible. GO Transit will publish statistics on how the trains are 88 per cent on schedule but in order to run a fair analysis I think one shouldn't include all the non-rush hour trains that run hourly on off-peak times. And please tell us -- the commuters who wait in the cold or packed into Union Station wondering how we will pick up our children from daycare -- when they simply cannot get the switches to operate due to the weather. This is Canada, it is cold here and always has been. But still, every winter it is the same old scenario that plays out and we are left waiting on the platforms for late and cancelled trains while our BlackBerries are sending us updates that are at least an hour behind.

Traci Mendez

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