Mar 31, 2009

$1.3 million bus simulator

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority uses a $1.3 million bus simulator to train new drivers and retrain experienced ones. The simulator uses 10 video screens and an assortment of knobs, switches, and levers to recreate the Boston driving experience. 

The instructor uses a joystick called a rabbit to throw anything and everything at trainees and at experienced drivers in need of remedial help. Among the challenges are digitized mothers with strollers on the edge of the sidewalk, police blockades up ahead, distracting fights in the rear of the bus, pedestrians with headphones wandering obliviously into traffic.

Link to full story and video clip in The Boston Globe.

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JB said...

Great blog, Andy! I wonder if there are any simulators here in the GTA. It would be very nice to be able to try this out, especially for someone thinking about switching careers towards public transit (as I have been).

Thanks for the post!