Feb 10, 2009

How much transit can you buy?

A number of transit advocates are calling for the federal government's economic stimulus incentives, to be used towards construction of transit projects. How much will will $30 billion, plus deficits starting at $5 billion next year really buy? According to Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier it costs about $15 million on average to build a kilometre of light rail line. That does not including the cost of extras such as railcars and stations. That works out to about 2,333 kilometres of light rail transit line that could be laid.

The TTC has said that the Sheppard East LRT would cost $800 million, including vehicles. That's up from the March 2007 cost of $555-million. This project will more than likely end up with a price tag of over a billion dollars. Let's get started before it's too late.

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