Feb 25, 2009

Do Ostrich birds and politicians really bury their heads in the sand?

MPP Mike Colle is proposing a bill that would impose a fine of up to $50,000 for anyone carrying a weapon onto a public transit vehicle. He is also looking for a two-year sentence for anyone who commits an act of violence against a transit employee or passenger. 

One needs to look no further than David Miller and city council banning of guns to see the comparison between the Ostrich and politicians. The violence is now spreading from the streets to the transit system. There is no mention if politicians are planning to crackdown on the large number of murders that are plaguing the city.

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Jerry said...

Great blog Andy, I search and post most of the news for the Ontario Public Transportation Association web site Communication Section: http://www.ontariopublictransit.ca/forum/index.cfm
Would it be okay to post some of your articles?

Andy said...

Jerry... yes go ahead, use what you like. Thanks for the comment.