Feb 17, 2009

Build it and they will come

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and and Premier Dalton McGuinty arrived on a Go Transit locomotive to make an announcement at a news conference. Their announcement stated, that to combat the global economic slowdown and boost Go Transit, they will invest in constructing and  restructure parking lots. Regular readers of this blog know my feelings about Go Transit and parking lots. Anyway it it looks like a done deal. Let us hope the Feds don't follow their past track record of making a commitment and then hanging on to the cash.

Stephen Harper being a true politician, continued to play games. At GO Transit’s Willowbrook Maintenance Facility, where the photo op took place the locomotives normal face east. The Prime Minister insisted that for him, it must face west. The locomotive had to be operated to the Via yard, turned around and brought back facing west. After he left, the reverse was done to get it back to the correct position. This only strengthens my previous post about politicians and transit.

Will the present free parking continue? GO Transit chair Peter Smith has not ruled out fees for parking at the garages. Build it and they will come, but you need a reason for them to stay.

Station Project $ Amount Present Parking Spaces
Ajax Parking Structure $30,200,000.00 1,841
Aurora Building Rehab/Parking Rehab $1,250,000.00 769 parking spaces: (190- main lot; 382- west lot; 197-east lot)
Mount Pleasant Parking Expansion $1,100,000.00 611
Bramalea Parking Expansion $1,350,000.00 2,150 parking spaces: 1,500-main lot; 650-south lot
Centennial Parking Structure $14,000,000.00 178 parking spaces (behind Markham Centennial Community Centre)
Unionville Parking Expansion $1,500,000.00 810
Cooksville Parking Structure $30,500,000.00 1,458
Erindale Parking Structure $30,000,000.00 770
Oakville Parking Structure $30,500,000.00 2,724 parking spaces (1,854- north lot; 458- south lot; 32- leased north lot behind McDonalds opposite GO Station; 200- Davis Road & South Service Road lot; 75- 222/224 Cross Ave; 105- 530 Lyons Lane)
Markham Parking Expansion $700,000.00 266
Pickering Parking Structure $30,500,000.00 1,958 parking spaces (1,205- main lot; 753- least lot E. of station & north on Sandy Beach Rd.)
Rouge Hill Parking Expansion $1,500,000.00 1,041 (5 64- north lot @ 6200 Lawrence Ave. E.; 500 east lot- south lot)


Adrian said...

That stunt with the loco is unbelievable. Harper have some kind of superstition?

I can't say I'm a fan of building more parking. We want to push transit don't we?

Andy said...

These go parking lots fill up quite early in the morning. The only advantage I can see is when Go switches over to mid day service of a train every 30 minutes, there would still be parking later in the day.Would it be better to turn these lots over to the local cities and towns and they could charge a parking fee? The money earned could be turned over to local transit.