Jan 8, 2009

Transit Fare Comments

I get a chuckle from the number of different fares that public transit systems seem to need. To me it seems extensive. Why do they need so many? I think it has to do more with politics than necessity.

Mississauga Transit: List 17 different types of fares on their web site. On January 26, 2009 the fares will rise with an adult cash fare going from $2.75 to $3.00. An interesting thing about Mississauga Transit is that you are able to purchase tickets and passes online with shipping at no extra cost.

TTC: I count 16 different fares. You could add in more for a number of passes that do not show up on the TTC web page. The present adult cash fare is $2.75. Toronto City Council has frozen all TTC fare for 2009.

DRT: There is a listing of 18 but I am only going count 17. The web site also list Specialized Services (Handi-Trans) fare. I did not include it here or on any of the others.

I arrived at the count by examining the info posted on each transit authorities' web page. I counted each distinguishable difference on individual fare type. For example DRT list one adult fare but three different types. Cash, pass and ticket. You could add in more to the list such as transfers and U-pass. This is just a sample of three transit authorities within the GTA. As you can see they are very close to the same number of fares.   

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