Jan 23, 2009

Tips for riding the bus

DRT has a number of passenger tips on their web page. This is a list that I have compiled. As always, it's from a bus driver's point of view.
  1. Get to the bus stop early. The bus driver's goal is to be on time. Arrive early or you could be late.
  2. Stand slightly to one side to let people exiting the bus get off before you try to board.
  3. Have your bus fare ready. Also have the correct change as bus drivers do not make change.
  4. Lower your cost and the need to carry change with the purchase of a bus pass.
  5. Clearly show your pass to the driver for no hassle fare.
  6. If you need a transfer ask for one when you pay your fare.
  7. Remain alert and brace yourself when a bus is slowing down or turning.
  8. If you’re able bodied avoid sitting in the priority seating. Save it for senior citizens and disabled passengers.
  9. Pack light. Do not carry too many packages; always leave one hand free to grasp railings.
  10. Plan your route. If you have to switch buses, figure out your bus route before you leave home.
  11. Pull the bell cord to alert the driver that you want to get off at the next stop.
  12. Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Exit through the rear door whenever possible.
  13. If the connection time between your transfer is close ask driver for assistance in making connection.
  14. After disembarking the vehicle never cross the street in front of the bus unless you are at a green traffic light.
I hope you find these tips helpful. If you can think of others, please click on the comment link below to leave your suggestions.

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