Jan 28, 2009

Pain will be felt

I am assuming that when the writer below mentions co-fare, he is referring to "One Fare Anywhere in Durham Region." Co-fare is 65 cents and requires proof of valid GO Pass or ticket for travel to or from Go Train Stations only. Co-Fare is not accepted on GO Bus.

To the editor:

It would seem the Region of Durham is facing a budget shortfall for the fiscal year of 2009. According to Regional Chairman Roger

Anderson a good place to make up the shortfall is by scrapping the Durham Region/GO transit co-fare program.

Once again Mr. Anderson has proven he has his knee firmly on the pulse of the working citizens of this region. Apparently Mr. Anderson couldn't care less about the numerous people who rely on this service on a daily basis.

It is bad enough that the high-paying jobs in this area are disappearing at an alarming rate but to get rid of this service would adversely affect those just getting by working at lower wages. With the ongoing (worsening) global financial crisis this measure would only serve as a deterrent to some leaving the social assistance rolls to return to work.

The present system affords not only a viable, economical option for working people of the region but is also of benefit to the environment. As more and more people lose their jobs in this area the need for this service will only grow. The ongoing spending on infrastructure improvements, ie., roads and highways, is needed, but it will come to the point where it will be unnecessary due to the fact no one will be able to afford to drive on those shiny new roads.

G.W. Estabrooks


newsdurhamregion.com | Pain will be felt with scrapping of co-fare program.

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