Jan 22, 2009

Oakville MPP is Go Transit user

I have been following my GO Transit E-News. With the number of  E-News filling my inbox of my mail reader suggest that there is something terribly wrong with Go Transit Lakeshore service. Most of the delays are caused by equipment failures. The follow two letters appeared in Oakville Beaver. They sum up what Go users have to put up with.

Speaking as a GO Transit user, I am tired of being consistently late to work and home. The service GO Transit provides a commuter is pathetic.

We pay a hefty price for this service and letters of complaint to the Ministry of Transportation, GO Transit and our MPP Kevin Flynn, have provided no reassurance that the serious problems with GO service will be fixed. As a matter of fact, not one solution has been offered.

Ontarians should be concerned about this problem because people will inevitably start driving to work instead of using an extremely unreliable public transit system. Who would blame them? We can’t help but wonder if there is any political will to fix this serious problem.

Is there even one GTA-area MPP who uses GO Transit? I challenge all GTA-area MPPs, Kevin Flynn in particular, to use the GO train to get to and from Queen’s Park. Perhaps he should see first hand how his constituents who use GO Transit are poorly served.

I believe that if he uses the service, he will be more inclined to help solve this serious problem. Every GO Transit commuter should challenge Mr. Flynn to use GO transit.


The following is a reply to the frustrated Go Train user.

Re: GO commuter issues challenge to MPP, Oakville Beaver, Friday Jan. 16.

As MPP of Oakville I agree with the initial comments made recently by Nancy Tibbo regarding GO Transit service. In order to be effective, GO Transit needs to be a reliable, safe and economical alternative for commuters.

While my schedule does not always permit me to use the GO train on a daily basis, I am a GO Transit user. In addition, three of my four staff members commute daily on GO Transit trains.

As challenged, I travelled from the Bronte GO station on Jan. 16 and during my trip we experienced problems with the doors closing and delays into Union Station.

As MPP of Oakville, I have and will continue to be an advocate for improved service from GO Transit. In this past year, along with others from our community, I have called on GO Transit to focus on customer service improvements and increased parking and services at our GO station locations.

As your MPP, I will continue to solicit feedback and ensure that these concerns are directed to, and followed up by, the Ministry of Transportation and the Board of Directors at GO Transit until issues of delays and over crowding have been resolved and are no longer nuisances for GO Transit riders.

Kevin Flynn, Oakville MPP

OakvilleBeaver.com: Opinions & Letters: Article: Oakville MPP is Go Transit user.

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