Jan 15, 2009

My TTC e-Alerts Profile

The TTC has started a system of email alerts to inform riders of SRT and subway delays. No streetcar or bus alerts at this time. You may signup here. http://www3.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/My_ttc_e_alerts/index.jsp 

Go Transit already has their own system of email alerts. I know they work because over the last few weeks my mail reader inbox has been filling up with notice of delays.

Comparing TTC to Go I found the Go Transit alerts easier to signup for. It was just a matter of leaving your email address and choosing a route or service. The TTC requires you to register with a user name and pass word. One good thing I noticed about registering is that with a simple mouse click you are able to temporarily suspend e-Alerts. Signup for Go alerts here.  http://enews-gotransit.com/signup2.aspx

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