Jan 5, 2009

Go Transit bicycle shelter

It's the new bike storage shelter at the Ajax Go Station. They seem to be popping up at Go Stations everywhere. Today I was surfing the net when I came across a similar photo taken at the Brampton Station. I was surprised to learn something that I over looked on the shelter. It's the the bicycle frame on the top. It's made to look like the GO Transit logo.


Bicycle Shelter 002 Ajax

Bicycle Shelter 003 Ajax

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David Harrison said...

To "see" the GO logo, you need to imagine the bicyle as if you were seeing it from the other side. The front wheels of the bicycle correspond to the "G" in the GO logo.

What's cool here is that they didn't duplicate the GO logo exactly, as that would have required the front wheels to have a square chunk. Instead, they were satisfied to simply allude to the logo. It's surprisingly subtle.

Andy said...

Yikes... I guess I should have inverted the photo.

nixtuff said...

I had the exact opposite experience at Finch. I could not figure out why the GO logo had sprouted handle-bars until someone pointed out to me that it's a Bicycle!