Dec 23, 2008

Winter Storm

The last few days of winter storms have played havoc on all transit systems. This includes air, rail and buses. The force of nature is beyond the control of mankind. We are all at it's mercy.

To those that ventured out into the elements and went to work I commend you. Patience was the rule of the day. The men and women of the transit industry in these circumstances always go beyond the call duty. Many of them staying on the job beyond their finish time, ensure that everyone gets home safely. With my 42 year career in transit I only missed one day of work because of weather.

The weather also took it's toll on DRT's New Flyer buses. It appears that these buses built in Winnipeg, have a bad habit of freezing up. When this happens it requires a change off and a return to the garage for a thaw out. The change off count on the weekend past, was too high.

Winter has only just started and we still have a few months to go. One of the best weapons to cope with a winter storm is retirement. I am using it to it's fullest.
Happy trails to you!

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