Dec 19, 2008

On-time delivery

assistant vice-president, public affairs, CN
December 19, 2008

Your editorial urged the federal government to help commuter and inter-city passenger railways in Canada (Humans, As Well As Cargo - Dec. 15). You imply that CN is an impediment to these commuter authorities and VIA Rail's operations across the country by recounting the myth that 'passenger railways operate at the mercy of freight traffic.' In reality, CN, as the host railway, works very closely with Canada's passenger railways to help them deliver quality service to commuters and travellers.

Recent on-time performance rates for GO Transit in the Greater Toronto Area have exceeded 95 per cent year-to-date through Dec. 14. Equally impressive, our on-time performance for VIA Rail Canada was a record 95 per cent for June to November in 2008. On-time delivery:

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nixtuff said...

You are right, but also wrong.

We should not be fighting over limited rail space - rather we should pressure the government to add more rail space. Build more tracks so this is not an issue.