Dec 2, 2008

N.Y. bus driver murdered over $2 transfer slip

"Ewin Thomas was murdered on his bus yesterday afternoon because he refused to give an irate fare-beater a $2 transfer slip, witnesses tell news organizations in New York.

Police say the man punched Thomas in the head after he refused to hand over a card that allows passengers to switch buses at no charge.

'He then stepped off the bus,' The New York Times reports. 'The driver was about to close the door behind him when the man suddenly turned, stepped back onto the bus, pulled out a knife with a slashing motion and drove the blade repeatedly into the driver’s chest and torso.'

The Daily News says Thomas, 46, died at a nearby hospital.

'It's crazy because the bus driver was cool,' witness Benjamin Stacking says, according to AP. 'He let me on. I was 50 cents short. He let me on and gave me a transfer.'

NY1 says the as-yet-unidentified killer has a $12,000 bounty on his head."

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nixtuff said...

This is why we need better security on public transit.