Dec 12, 2008

Transit plans

On December 12, 2008 Go Transit Board of Directors will meet. This is just their regular monthly meeting but we are told that something special will happen. The GO Strategic Plan, GO 2020 will be presented. The directors have invited Jim Bradley, Minister of Transportation, to attend the meeting and address the Board.

Go Transit is continuously making improvements to the system. With GO 2020 they promise this will be the most comprehensive blueprint of GO Transit's future plans that has ever been developed. Go has an objective of attempting to double its 170,000 daily ridership by the year 2020.

Not to be out done, Metrolinx has it's own announcement to make. On Wednesday, December 17, 2008 you can expect to hear an announcement about the largest cooperative bus purchase in Ontario history. I wonder how close they will come to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)? They have ordered ordered 900, 60 foot hybrid buses. These buses will be manufactured by New Flyer Industries.

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