Dec 19, 2008

Free Ride

Winnipeg Transit Bus
Offering free transit rides on New Years is a common event across Canada and the USA. I don't know when or how the program started, but it seems like it has been going on for decades. According to York Region this marks the eighth consecutive year they have offered free complimentary New Year’s Eve service to YRT/Viva riders. Public transportation authorities have made it their duty, to offer free rides on New Years Eve.

I have been comparing various transit companies on the free fare policy. Some need a sponsor before they commit to offering free rides. Then there are those that are able to do it without one.
  1. Mississauga Transit - free - no sponsor
  2. YRT/Viva - free - no sponsor
  3. Brampton Transit - free - no sponsor
  4. Go Transit - free - no sponsor
It was only a few days ago that the TTC offered free rides. This happened after more than one sponsor came forward to help out. It looks like all public transit within the GTA will be free for this event. This is what I would call seamless transit.

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