Nov 30, 2008

Observations of a bus chick

I found the following while I was surfing the internet. It put a smile on my face and I thought it was worth passing on...

So, I have started to think of reasons that determine if you could be considered a 'bus chick' as someone once mentioned: I came up with a couple...

1) You know how to put the handicap seats down
2) You know where every bus stop is on at least one route
3) You know which bus drivers let you have food and which that don't
4) Have explained to someone on the bus directions more than on one occasion
5) Can recognize the smoothness of the ride depending on the Bus number
6) Can calculate what time your current driver will be back on the current route next (despite how they may shift between 2 and 3 different routes during that time)
7) Know what time the bus stops at which stop to the minute, and consider a bus arriving any time thereafter as being 'late'
8) On more than one occasion you laugh at the people who cannot open the back sensor door
9) Your bus driver recognizes you
10) You are aware of the extra buses that run but are not on the schedules
11) You have a favorite seat
12) When you attend a gathering of sorts, you recognize someone from the bus
13) You know what type of bus the different numbers are (i.e 200 is a pretty Guelph painted Novabus, 188 is an older Red/White Novabus...etc).
14) You have a crush on at least one of the drivers... (ahem)...

Hmmm Yes, bus riding,

They must have named Oranges before Carrots...:

My Comment:
Bus drivers get to know their passengers pretty good. With me that showed up the most when I was working on Dial-a-bus. After a few days I knew where everyone was going without being told. Then there were times when my regular passengers were not at their the bus stop. I would stop the bus and start looking around and up the side streets. Somethings we got lucky and spotted them running up the street. It was a relationship that built up over time. I always felt like I was part of the community.

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