Nov 9, 2008

Slowly, changes are coming

Two routes heading to the campus, the 915 Taunton and the 401 Simcoe, are operating at maximum capacity said Neil Killens, DRT's deputy manager of support services. The buses run every 15 minutes during peak times, but even then, DRT has to send clean-up buses to accommodate students who simply can't fit on the bus.

Starting on Monday November 17, 2008 we will see enhancements begin, on the 915 Taunton bus route. DRT has recognized the need to redefine peak hours on this route, as being different from the normal rush hour service. See my post The purse strings are tight.

At the present time the peak hours in the AM end at 8:30. This is the first bus, that carries a 30 minute headway. The next bus to Durham College departs the Pickering Go Station at 9:00 AM. You can now look forward to the 15 minute service carrying on until 10 AM. After that the next bus will depart at 10:30 AM and every 30 minutes.

Presently the 3:35 PM bus from Durham College is the last one to carry a 30 minute headway. The next bus after that at 3:50 PM, is the first bus with a 15 minute headway. That will also change with the 1:20 PM bus to be the first with a 15 minute headway.

Ridership to the campus is increasing with 750,000 to 800,000 UPass riders predicted by the end of the year. DRT reports that is 10 per cent of total ridership for 2008.

The bad news here is the speed that DRT moved at to make changes. The improvements took over two months to be made permament. This is reflected throughout DRT, whether it is a simple thing like moving a bus stop, programming luminators or correcting errors in the driver's running boards.


Anonymous said...

How many more buses will DRT need to accommodate Durham riders? There are barely enough now. It doesn't surprise me that the Upass is our biggest ridership given the price.
I'm sure everyone would ride the buses with passes at that price.


Andy said...

Sue you are right about the basement bargain price. Starting in September 2009 the present UPass of $50 will rise to $60 per semester. That's almost the same as riding free.

They get a better deal than the other transit users in Durham that have to travel by Go bus outside of the Region. The follow is from Durham College's web page...

Q. What if I live outside Durham Region?
A. The pass still has great advantages for you. For example, if you board a GO Transit bus at the Scarborough Town Centre, you now purchase a GO Transit ticket to Pickering, the first town inside the Region. Then you simply show the GO bus driver both your GO Transit ticket and your U-PASS, which is valid from Pickering. This amounts to a savings of $25 per month compared to the previous transit pass. Similarly, if you are travelling on the Highway 407 GO Transit service from York University or Unionville, you only need to purchase a ticket to Pickering, and your U-PASS takes you the rest of the way.