Nov 27, 2008

Bus Driver Shields

After recently announcing the new security cameras on buses aren't preventing assaults on TTC drivers, the transit commission has approved spending $5.2 million to equip its new buses with plastic shields around the drivers' seats.

New buses will come equipped with the shields and older vehicles will be retrofitted.
I predicted in my blog post of February 17 2007 that security cameras would not prevent crime. Now I can't believe what is happening. It is direct result of the lack of proper action by politicians to ensure that we have a safe environment in our cities and towns. It appears that they would rather have the criminals roam freely and the law abiding citizens locked up for their protection. This sends a lousy message to passengers on the bus.

There used to be time when drivers sold tickets and made change. I was one of those drivers. I always felt reasonably safe even though I might have had a small bundle of bills in my shirt pocket. The TTC discontinued this practice in 1975. Those were the days when everyone felt safe on TTC vehicle. If you needed to be rescued the drivers were always there to help. It was also a time when there were no communication systems on the buses and streetcars. Why were things left to deteriorate so much?

As adults we are sending a miserably poor and inferior message to our children.

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