Oct 10, 2008

Winnipeg bus fire

A City of Winnipeg bus caught fire on October 7, 2008. There were as many as 40 people on board, witnesses say. No one was injured and the cause of the fire is not known.

Bus fires are not the norm. Never the less, they still happen. It is an experience that can send a person into a state of fear and fright. Personal I have been involved with two on board fires. They were flame less with the bus filling up with smoke. That was only two in over 42 years of driving.

Back in the days of Ajax Pickering Transit Authority (APTA) there was a problem with some of the new Orion buses catching on fire. This resulted in all of new buses being pulled from service. APTA in turn had to borrow (lease?) buses from the TTC. When the cause of fire was discovered the vehicles were repaired and returned to service. There have been no problems since.

The video below demonstrates how quickly things can happen. Be prepared for a short commercial at the beginning.

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