Oct 19, 2008

Mobilien: Paris’ Version of Bus Rapid Transit

Is this what DRT have in mind for the planned BRT in Durham Region? I found it interesting that taxis and emergency vehicles were also able to use the bus lane. The only thing that I did not like was that bicycles were also allowed into the lanes.
“Mobilien” is French for MOBI-lity plus “LIEN” which means link.

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David Harrison said...

Andy, we don't know a lot of the details - and now it will have to go through a Metrolinx Business Case Analysis process that will independently consider these kinds of issues.

But we do know that:

a) The first phase, in 2010, will simply be a Viva-like implementation with buses in mixed traffic, using signal priority to get ahead at intersections, and with enhanced stop facilities.

b) The full phase, with no confirmed opening date yet, is planned by DRT to involve widening Highway 2 for an High-occupancy lane. Buses will share the lane with high-occupancy vehicles.

Of course, the problem with (b) is that police enforcement will surely be minimal, and we'll end up with buses still stuck in mixed traffic and the transit monies effectively being used to provide more space for cars.

I mentioned this to Rob MacIsaac at the Metrolinx public meeting last night, and it sounded as if that was a concern for him and that Metrolinx would be making sure that the implementation made sense.

Andy said...

I guess I just let my mind do a little dreaming.