Oct 18, 2008

Hybrid glitch

I was listening to City of Toronto Councillor Rob Ford on a “talk radio” show. He was explaining ways he thought the city could cut cost. One of the ways was for the TTC to stop purchasing hybrid buses. Diesel buses cost about $200,000 less than the $700,000 hybrid models. According to the Toronto Star Rob is about to get his wish.

For the TTC the benefits of hybrid technology has not lived up to expectations. One of the biggest problems has been the shorter than expected life span of the batteries. Instead of lasting 60 months they are proving only to last about 18 months.

Durham Region Transit has been using "clean diesel" buses and the TTC will be switching over them. DRT will recieve their first hybrd bus for implementation of BRT services on HWY 2. It is expected they will purchase 26 hybrid buses for this project alone. Let’s hope that DRT will be able to over come the TTC problems.

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