Sep 3, 2008

Hoile loop, will loop into October

Latest news on the Hoile bus loop...

The fate of the Hoile loop on the 222 Audley Road South bus route will be up in the air another month because the committee meeting set to deal with the issue has been canceled.

The meeting was cancelled Tuesday afternoon due to lack of quorum.

I find it interesting to note that the members of the Transit Executive Committee that would not be in attendance, only one resides in Ajax. That would be the Regional Chairman Roger Anderson. The rest of the committee members from Ajax were going to attend. At least they were willing to face the music.

If you had intentions of showing up at the meeting, you would have been disappointed unless you read about he cancellation on the internet. At the time of my post, according to Durham Region's web page, the meeting is still a go. If you just happened to read the News Advertiser's report you would know the meeting as been cancelled. The printed version will not be delivered until the evening of Wednesday September 3rd. To late for you to find out.

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