Sep 6, 2008

915 Taunton

When it comes to Durham Region Transit the first week of September is a time of year when the routes return to normal. After two months (July and August) of low summer passenger counts those figures now go up. With schools closed and the summer months being prime time for vacations, ridership takes a dive. This is common for any transit system in Ontario and perhaps Canada.

One of the most successful routes at DRT is the 915 Taunton. The sole reason for this, is the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College. During the school term ridership soars on this route.

The 915 route runs with 15 minutes between buses in the rush hour. Between the AM and PM rush hours, the headway switches to 30 minutes between buses. The problem begins with this route in what DRT has defined as rush hour. The 8:30 AM bus is the last bus, with a 15 minute headway to depart Pickering Go Station for for Durham College. The next bus is at 9 am. I am not going to include the one that departs at 8:45 am because it only travels east to the Ajax Go Station.

This is a period of the day, when there should be a reduction of demands on the service. In this case, the reverse is true. These buses are still carrying loads that are above capacity. Usually, somewhere past the Ajax Go Station the buses are full and start to bypass stops. This now results in in passengers having to wait one hour between buses. This is only true, providing the next bus is not full. This seems to be the trend until after the 10:30 AM cycle.

Starting about 1:05 PM the same thing is happening on the return trips. The buses departing the College are fully. Passengers are being left behind and the drivers are unable to accommodate intending customers en-route.

The students are the highest group of passengers that DRT has. They should should treated as if DRT would like them to return the next day and the next. To start running buses into the garage at 8:45 AM is a good sign that DRT does have the equipment to extend the rush hour operating times on this route. Let us also not forget the person who is relying on the bus to get to work or going to a doctor’s appointment. Is it time for DRT to review the passenger patterns on the 915 Taunton?


Anonymous said...

It is not only the students getting poor service during the peak student passenger times. All other passengers from Pickering to the university are being passed by buses running express because they are full. There was a case last week where 3 buses in a row expressed past some stops in the morning making some passengers wait an hour to get on a bus. How are people expected to get to their destinations with service like this? More importantly, how can anyone expect them to remain customers with DRT? They are probably looking for a "better way" to get where they are going after one week into normal service.

Andy said...

It would be a great transit system if the rest of the DRT routes got the same attention as the Hoile loop.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but once all the politicians or the "do you know who I ams" are finished with the Hoile loop investigation they will be able to focus on the 915 route. Remember, the 915 passengers are the "little people"!

Anonymous said...

the 10:12 am eastbound 915 is at full capacity by the time it leaves the ajax go station leaving about 30 passengers behind on westney rd alone . I was told that when the students call customer service, they are told to take a different route. how does that help someone living on tauton rd. some students are now cathing the westbound 915 tauton to the ajax go station just to make sure they are able to get on the eastbound 915. maybe the off peak should go back to 20 min instead of 30 min

nixtuff said...

DRT needs some serious reworking of all it's routes.

~Nick J Boragina

Anonymous said...

DRT move,s the time of the mid-day up by 5 minutes its also the same for the Saturday,s time it,s sad when you see people having to wait 1 hr for a bus to get home because the bus has left before the train has arrived why do they not ask for driver,s comments on these time changes after all they are the ones doing the driving and listening to the passengers complaints. In reguards to the 915 it,s sad to listen to an inspector or even imformation telling people to take another route would they! They need to look at extras and turning them into gaps I don,t think they know the meaning of gaps if they can,t handle the 915 what would happen if they took over Hwy 2 service from GO (disaster)