Sep 24, 2008

$50 Billion

Only $50 billion. It does not look like much if you write it that way. How about if we do it this way... $50,000,000,000. It suddenly looks like more. I am certain that the final cost of the Metrolinx transportation plan for the GTA will be much higher than the predicted cost. How could anyone expect anything less when the government gets involved. Their cost always seem to go over budget.

15-year plan map (.pdf)

transportation plan

Spending $500 million on 7,500 kilometres of bike lanes and paths does not make sense. It is commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on worth. In fact the whole cost of the Metrolinx project is very high. In Canada, the average working person already pays over 50% of their income towards taxes. Don't get me wrong transit is in need of vast improvements but we need something to ease the burden of cost on the tax payers.

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