Aug 21, 2008

Third track opened for Scarborough GO users

The third track on the Lakeshore East line between Scarborough GO station and the Don River was completed in April, but the track wasn’t up to full speed until this past weekend.

Greg Ashbee, manager of the rail expansion program for GO Transit, said the track needs to settle in after it is laid, first allowing trains to run at just 25 miles per hour before being bumped to 40 mph. On Friday night it was tested at 60 mph.

The Scarborough station is on St. Clair Avenue west of Midland Avenue.

The third track can be used by express GO and VIA trains to help ease congestion on the other two tracks used for trains making frequent stops on the line.

Following the completion of the third track, it still wasn’t able to make a difference in service because of the speed constraints.

“Now we can see it will start ... to figure into daily operations,” Ashbee said. “It will make our on-time performance much better and allow us to improve our rush-hour service.”
GO Transit, will host an event to mark improvements to the Lakeshore East rail corridor on August 22, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. It will be held at GO's Scarborough Station on St. Clair Avenue East west of Midland Avenue.

Third track opened for Scarborough GO users.

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