Aug 15, 2008

Hoile loop

The last few days the the Hoile loop on 222 Audley South DRT bus route issue has been read in the Toronto Star, The News Advertiser and again with a editorial. Since April 3, 2008 David Harrison as been posting on his blog Durham Transit Review about the issue.

"It just comes roaring down the road. We can't open our windows because of the smell and noise," says Sandra Cassidy the Ajax homeowner. This quote in the Toronto Star is right beside a photo that shows a DRT bus going past her. If you are posing for a publicity photo, the noise from the bus and pollution from its exhaust becomes a none issue?

She is also quoted as saying her husband Wayne, a "well-respected" architectural technologist who designed the subdivision, has some clout with local politicians who know him through business and charity events, Cassidy says.

"Not to sound like I'm bragging or anything but we have more (influence) than the average person."

Judging by the quotes, it appears as she might have ticked off Carola Vyhnak, the Toronto Star reporter more than Reka Szekely the News Advertiser reporter. The News Avertiser went much easier on her. I wonder why? Could it be that in Toronto is a transit city?

These articles have resulted with comments on disscussion boards going wild. Some of the comments are not very nice. DRT customer service has also recieved an increase in emails in favour of keeping the Hoile loop.

According to the minutes of the Durham Region Transit Executive Committee the issue will be dealt with at the next regular Durham Region Transit Executive Committee meeting being held on Wednesday, September 3, 2008 commencing at 1:30 p.m. in the Lower Level Boardroom, Regional Headquarters Building, Whitby.

After they finish dealing with this issue the Executive Committee should start planning mid day service on the Audley South route.


Bus hating B---h said...

This is such a silly matter that under normal circumstances, the DRT Executive Committee would have thrown it out. However Sandra Cassidy's influence is obvious in the fact that, despite the recommendations from their own staff to keep the route intact, the Executive Committee actually asked for more information, presumably, to see if the new information could unearth some fuel that would aid them in helping out their good friend Sandra. Now that the Toronto Star has done an magnificent expose of the situation, and the Ajax News Advertiser has finally followed suit (after ignoring this issue for months now as a favour to their friends, the Cassidy's) and that Sandra has gone public with the obvious influence she has with the DRT Executive Committee, it will make the Executive Committee Members thing twice on September 3rd, before they try to side with their friend Sandra, over the common folk who elected them. Under these circumstances, any Executive Committee Member that does side with the elitists will be crucified by the press and if they do so anyway, it will only reflect the extent of the influence that the Cassidy's have over them.

Andy said...

I am surprised that this story made it to the pages of the Toronto Star. Is it possible that Sandra Cassidy approach the Star reporter in hopes that she could publicize her fight with DRT? If so it backed fired.

As far as the News Advertiser goes, their reporting on transit issues in Durham have not been the best. It would be better if they were to be more investigative in their reporting.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the fate of the Delaney route after much political pressure from the residents. They don't mind us getting their students off to school but forget getting their neighbours to work!

Anonymous said...

My rebuttal to Ms. Cassidy is does she care that waste managment vehicles go up and down her street waking her up after a night shift? how many times does she get woken up from her neighbours kids having their parties, coming home from their raves? There are too many things that cause congestion and noise on our side streets at all times of the day to complain that our buses are the real issue.

Andy said...

When I was composing this post the Delaney route that was started up under APTA came to mind. It was a bus route that supplied customers a direct route to Pickering Village from the Go. It traveled on Elizabeth Street giving service to west Ajax and the along Delaney to Westney then into the Go Station. That route was quickly removed under not in my backyard attitude. In those days Transit was locally run and did not have the clout that transit now has under Durham Region.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Cassidy should be living in a gated community where buses and those that are only infuential can live!

Anonymous said...

I may file a complaint regarding the decay of the paint finish on the front of "Sandy's" custom house.

It's pulling down the property values of other homes in the area.

Andy said...

It sounds like this woman has got herself into deep do-do.

Anonymous said...

This woman should go live up in the back forty of Ontario somewhere where the only polution she has to deal with is her backed up septic tank.

FagyisSzent said...

The comparison to waste management vehicles is strangely popular in this debate. Oddly, those using it fail to mention that those trucks come once a week (recycling) or once every two weeks (garbage). In this community, both come during the late morning to early afternoon hours. Nobody in the community has any issue with their noise whatsoever. Besides, as they stop at every house, their speed causing danger is clearly not a factor.

Andy said...

FagyisSzent... I also thought about the recycling trucks. They make more noise than a bus but are only there once per week. Sandra Cassidy alleges that the noise level in their bedroom has been measured when the bus passes by and say it exceeds sound limits. Should the bus drivers be wearing ear protection?

I live 165 feet from a DRT bus route with 27 bus trips gong through my neighbourhood per day Monday to Friday. The buses run less on the weekend.

There are hundreds of people in Durham (or the GTA) That live very close to bus routes. Noise is not an issue with them. Checkout the 218 and 218b Beach route.

This issue is out of the hands of DRT's management team. It is political issue and it will be interesting to see how politicians handle it.

By the way. I had a look at you photos on Flickr. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I think people interested in this debate need to look at the facts and ignore the rhetoric created by the star reporter. This issue is a matter of convenience for a relatively few people who want front door service for DRT. The proposal is to move the bus turn from one corner to another. That move will require the average person to walk in a different direction to take the bus. In the extreme example, the person will have to walk 5-7 minutes. There are very few people who actually take the bus in this loop. Most of which are students. My son is one of those people. For the cost of an extra few minutes of walking the bus company will save 75 minutes/day of looping Hoile street. In my mind, it is much better for the environment and the neibourhood to approve the change.