Aug 26, 2008

$28 million for Durham infrastructure

The Ontario government is handing out an additional $1.1 billion in municipal infrastructure to improve roads, bridges, expand public transit and build other municipal projects. Already there are warnings that this will not be repeated next year.

Durham Region will receive $28 million. How much of that will go towards public transit? If the Regional Council sticks to it’s past record you can expect very little will be spent on transit. Council has already diverted all of the region's gas tax funding towards a proposed incinerator in Durham Region. They are still sitting on the $240,000 received from Metrolinx for bike racks on buses.


David Harrison said...

I wouldn't be willing to bet against your expectation, Andy. My guess is that most of the money will go towards roads.

Andy said...

I just found out from an article in the
News Advertiser
that there is an additional $25 million split between the lower tier municipalities. That adds up to over $52 million.