Jul 20, 2008

Streetcar deal - what is the truth?

Bombardier Transportation says it is baffled by the Toronto Transit Commission's dismissal as “non-compliant” of its bid for a $1.25-billion contract to replace the city's aging streetcar fleet. As a result, it is urgently seeking a meeting with the TTC to get a better understanding of what went wrong.

TTC chairman Adam Giambrone , who also is a Toronto city councillor, told reporters Thursday that Bombardier's proposed “Flexity” streetcar would simply would not run on the city's system, with its hilly streets and tight curves.

"Effectively, the car that they bid would have derailed on Toronto streets, and they should have known this," he said.

The TTC announcement has shock a considerable amount of people. There is something that does not seem right to me. I find it difficult to believe that Bombardier would bid on a contract with a streetcar design that is designed to failure. I don't think the all of the facts have been revealed to the public. It feels as though something is being withheld. It is almost as if they are trying to squeeze a better deal from Bombardier. Don't forget that the TTC is a transit commission (like most of them) that is politically motivated.

Bombardier baffled by derailed streetcar contract.

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