Jun 28, 2008

Fuel costs don't bother DRT

The following appeared in the Metroland east newspaper of June 12, 2008.

DRT is doing what it can to reduce fuel consumption, including reducing idling times and keeping vehicles well-maintained, says Neil Killens, DRT deputy general manager of support services.

The latest two month board period for drivers shows that DRT is not too concerned about the rising fuels costs. It would appear that they are trying something new this time around by having drivers work in both Ajax and Pickering during some of the straight eight hour shifts. There are about ten crews that fit the following scenarios.

1. The drivers start out their day at the Ajax yard and some travel to Pickering to work the first half of their shift. After their lunch break, travel back to Ajax to complete the second half of their shift.

2. The drivers start out their day at the Ajax yard and some stay in Ajax to work the first half of their shift. Then again after lunch break travel to Pickering to complete the second half of their shift. Then these drivers, at the end of their shift have to travel back to Ajax in order to return their buses to the yard.

Of course, what happens is buses are passing each other running back and forth between Ajax and Pickering empty and not only are they burning up fuel while doing this, the drivers are being paid for the pleasure.

One excuse that the drivers have heard is that apparently the new computer program can't tell the difference between Ajax and Pickering. That seems like a gullible answer to me. My own personal experience suggest that the information needed by the software is incomplete. Testing before hand would have been useful.


Anonymous said...

Trapeze is a funny program. It's only as good as the individual that's in putting the information.

So who is at fault here? The individual that in puts the information.
If he/she doesn't know then he/she is not going to get it right.

Which leads to another question.

Who is giving the in putter the info?

My guess is yes!

So here we have non union employee's doing a job that obviously isn't done well because management has screwed up but blames the program.

Well isn't that an easy out!

So what will the Region do?
Promote the individuals that can't get it right!!
That's why Management has just gotten a 3% increase in pay.
It's the way of the land people.

It seems that if you do a good job nobody cares or notices but do a bad job and screw up then holy cow look out it's promotion time!!!!!!

Good luck all

Andy said...

Trapeze is like any other computer program... it is only going to do what it is told.

There were other major errors with the scheduling. Some of the errors were caught in time. Others like the first west bound Route 915 Taunton bus from Audley and Taunton showed up late.

I am not sure why these problems come into being, My suspicion lies with DRT failing to have training courses.