Jun 1, 2008

Commuter challenge launched

Thousands of Canadians and companies from coast to coast will be leaving their cars at home for a week this June as the 18th annual National Commuter Challenge kicks off with more Canadians and companies expected to participate than ever before.

The 2008 National Commuter Challenge takes place during Environment Week, June 1-7. According to a written statement, the challenge is a friendly workplace competition to promote environmentally sustainable and active means of transportation such as walking, jogging, biking, inline skating, transit, carpooling and telecommuting. Last year, approximately 39,000 Canadians in more than 170 communities and 1,700 workplaces participated.

Communities and companies with the highest participation rates in the National Commuter Challenge win recognition in various categories. Last year, Calgary won in the category of Cities with a Population Over One Million and Mountain Equipment Co-op won in the National Workplace category. Prizes will be distributed to individuals as well.

Commuter challenge launched.

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