May 16, 2008

Rouge Hill - parking

Go transit is in the mood for expanding it's commuter parking lot at the Rouge Hill Go Station. The land is near, but not adjacent to the Rouge Hill station. It would require patrons to walk a distance of about half a kilometer to the station.

GO Transit's board has agreed to pursue a purchase of the land. The deal still has to be negotiated between GO and Eden Oaks, the developer who owns the land.

This is another instance where Go competes with local public transit by offering free parking. We are ending up with massive parking lots around the Go Stations and I really don't think this is what should happening.

There is sufficient local transit that meet the needs of anyone travelling to the Go Stations. In fact, most people that drive to the Go parking lots will end walking more from their cars to station than if they had walked from their home to the local bus stop.

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Anonymous said...

Oh goody, more car parts unattended. Muahahah

Craig said...

True, people who drive will often end up walking further, (As is the case on Ajax south lot) but the total commute time is still less, when your total commute time is about 1 hour - noone wants to add another 20 - 25 minutes by taking the bus.

My local bus in Ajax manages to get me to the Ajax GO station about 2 minutes after my preffered morning train has left, and so I'm left waiting for the next train for 20+ minutes or whatever it is, I dont remember exactly.

Do Durham transit and GO transit talk to each other ? - I often wonder. anyway, the net result is I dont/wont take the bus.

Going home at night is a different story - the buses are lined up waiting to take you home, and it's usually faster than driving, especially when you factor in walking across acres of parking lot, and then waiting 10 minutes to get out the parking lot.

Me...I generally ride my bike to the station for about 9 months of the year, it's only 4k, and is faster than bus or car, once you factor in the walking and waiting I mentioned above. When the weather isnt so great, then I drive to pickering, as the lot at Ajax is full unless you get there real early. I guess that will happen at pickering soon too..then I will have a challenge.