May 1, 2008

New flag bus and it's luminator

043008New-Flag-Bus-002a This is a picture of the Durham Region Transit's new flag bus. The 30 foot Eldorado National EZ Rider have started to appear, on the Flag Bus routes. It is a welcome site to see the older ELF buses being replaced. I took this photo beside Sears, at the Pickering Town Center.

Take careful note note of the destination sign. Click your mouse on the photo for a larger view. What does the sign say? SPECIAL! Yikes, in this case it should have read Flag 1. Has the driver goofed up? Nope... just the person that was supposed to program the Luninator.

This bus has been programmed with every other route that DRT has. How could someone have missed programming a bus that that is going to be used exclusively on the Flag Bus routes? Luminator problems are not new to DRT. Checkout my fellow blogger David Harrison and his comments.

luminator-programProgramming a Luminator is a simple task and this how it done. The routes are programmed onto computer Luminator software. These proms are then inserted in a Mem­ory Transfer Unit (MTU) and the MTU is plugged into the control console. Presto ... in less than two minutes the bus is ready to go with a whole new set of destinations! Signs can be reprogram­med as fast as an individual can walk between the buses to place the MTU on another bus.

I can hardly wait for the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). These bus will have I n t e l l i g e n t Transportation Systems (ITS), GPS, automated passenger and real-time schedule information, enhanced web based information, web-enabled mobile devices, on-board audio and variable bus stop message signs. Will DRT be able to handle all the bells and whistles? What do you think. Personally, I think it will be hoot!


David Harrison said...

You beat me to it. I was going to make exactly the same observation. How hard is it to get these things right?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this bus is unable to go into at least one location on it's route. 655 Harwood Ave. the Senior's building. This bus has no bottom clearance. Imagine that! Was a demo bus not used prior to purchase? Was it not used on the existing route to ensure it could access all locations? I'm confused!!
I can't imagine these poor seniors in the dead of winter trying to make it to the shelter to catch the bus. So what will happen to all these seniors? They will submit an application to an already overburden specialise services transit system and just maybe be able to get a ride. Just maybe!

Andy said...

David, these things are simple to take care of. The drivers report these minor things to their supervisors. They pass it on and it appears that nothing is done. The solution lies somewhere between these supervisors and General Manager. As a passenger you don't see everything. You would be very frustrated if you were working at DRT. This is one place that history keeps repeating it's self.