May 23, 2008

Land of the GIANTS

Get ready for a DRT fare increase on July 1, 2008. This has been part of DRT's planning in the 2008 budget. There is also something else that you must prepare yourself for. Get ready for giant size tickets.

  • Co-fare 1.75 x 4

  • Adult 2.5 x 2.5

  • Child 1.75 x 3

  • Student 1.75 x 3.5

As you can see by the photo below that the co-fare ticket is longer than a bank or credit card. The bank card measures in at 3.37 x 2.12 inches.

The change in ticket size, became neccessary in order to gather accurate GFI, farebox counts. The GFI recognizes, the different fares by ticket size. This is why each fare group of tickets are a printed in various sizes. Drivers count the pass, cash and transfer manually by entering a single code number for each one.

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